Advertising and brand identity for a growing bridal flower boutique.

Modesse Fleurs is a floral boutique catering to the modern, artistic bride. We began with the creation of the playful logo which captures the essence of the brand and immediately appeals to those who appreciate unique designs. Every flower has a meaning. To differentiate Modesse from its competitors, the concept was to tell a story through the meaning of flowers. Their brochure features a lovely typographic treatment using flower names and their meanings to create a floral arrangement. To save production cost, a template was created to allow the flower shop the flexibility of personalizing and printing a fact sheet about each flower in-house as needed per prospective client. Advertising series called “Tell your story without saying a word” was developed to showcase unexpected bridal bouquets. Modesse also delivers flowers for other occasions. To complete the brand experience, we designed an upscale, modern packaging that’s as beautiful as the flowers inside it.

Modesse Fleurs advertising