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At Influencive Branding we provide modern, design-driven branding solutions to startups, small and mid-sized companies in lifestyle, fitness and non-profit industries. By aligning branding and marketing strategies, we elevate your customers’ journeys through meaningful storytelling, relatable advertising campaigns and engaging online experiences. We don’t just get you noticed. We help customers trust you. Choose you. And, make you a part of their lifestyles.

Memorable Branding

Creative branding solutions that instantly connect with your audiences and build recognition.

Digital Interactions

Intuitive and user-friendly digital experiences which engage and create interest.

Effective Marketing

Fully-integrated marketing and advertising campaigns that drive user decisions and measurable results.

See how we’ve helped businesses like yours drive influence:

"Marina's work is outstanding. She and her team are creative, resourceful and collaborative. They take the time to understand your brand and their work takes it to another level. They are also skilled in all types of media, so I can work with them as a one-stop shop for all my creative needs. Lastly, they always have a positive, can-do attitude. And that just makes them a pleasure to work with overall."

David Geller - Chief Marketing Officer, TAPOUT FITNESS

"I finally found a team that genuinely cares about helping my business - not just theirs. Every idea that they presented had business goals in mind which is exactly what I needed."

Jacob Kazari - CEO, BAKED BY TWO

"As a small business owner, I honestly did not think I could get such high-quality work on my budget. Influencive Branding was a refreshing surprise, proving that with the right team and strategy, smart branding is still possible even on a limited budget."


"I went to Influencive Branding after working with several creatives who didn't quite get what I was going for. Marina and her team were able to capture the personality of my brand and bring it to life in my new, user-friendly website through the right tone of voice and design."

Ford Smith - President, A1 MESSENGER SERVICE



Design is a Key Differentiator

Design-driven companies outperform the S&P by 219% over 10 years

Source: Design Management Institute


Peers, Not Celebs

Non-celebrity bloggers are 10X more likely to influence an in-store purchase than celebrities

Source: Collective Bias survey of 14,000 U.S. adults


Friends Set Trends

80% of consumers are likely to purchase a product based on suggestions from their friends

Source: Forbes survey

Before you start marketing, it is important to build your brand. You’ll be surprised how many people use the terms branding and marketing interchangeably. So what is the difference and why should businesses care? A brand is who you are as an organization. And who you are is what resonates with audiences and gets them to come back. Branding is everything you stand for and what people come to expect from you. It’s not just your logo or website, it’s all the details, everything that makes you special, it’s your reputation. Statistically, how you present your company visually has an enormous impact on your success as a business. It speaks for you when you are not there. It’s often the first impression.


Marketing is how you promote your brand. It activates the buyer. You can do all the market research to figure out where your customers are, advertise in every publication, on every social media channel and send out direct mail campaigns (all of which are part of marketing) but if the story doesn’t resonate with your target consumer, you are wasting money. Strategic marketing is vital to all businesses but how you say things is just as important as what you say (if not more). And that’s where branding comes into play.


We help our clients bring their visions to life through strategic creativity and consistency to build recognition – always with the end-user and business objectives in mind. Branding influences and at Influencive Branding, we help you influence creatively.



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More about Edgewater

Edgewater is a borough located along the Hudson River in Bergen County, NJ. The borough's name was changed to Edgewater on November 8, 1899, it was named for its location on the Hudson River.

Native American people are known to have lived in the vicinity before the arrival of colonists in the 17th century. The Lenape were a local tribe of Native Americans associated with the neighboring borough of Fort Lee. David Pietersz Devries, the first European settler, bought 500 acres of land from the Tappan tribe and established the settlement of Vriessendael in what is now Edgewater. A historical plaque placed in Veteran's Field by the Bergen County Historical Society names Vriessendael as the first known colony in Bergen County with a founding date of 1640.